Monday, August 31, 2009

Mom Attack

Cafe Mom Etsy Street Team is "attacking" Caprice Creations! Be sure to check out her stores!


I really should be doing something other than sitting here in front of this computer but truthfully ~ I'd rather sit here in front of the computer! LOL! I've been working on some new jewelry pieces ~ scrabble tile & bamboo tile pendants. I love the way the paper looks under the resin. It really makes the design on the paper "pop", bringing out the design & the colors in the paper. I have some scrabble tiles ready to sell but the pictures just aren't coming out right. Actually, the pics are nice until I crop them; then they get grainy looking. I'm still working on that. Never been good at that type of thing. Will keep working at it. My biggest problem is my camera. I had a Samsung camera that I did nothing but complain about but it was stolen ~ right out of my house. So I bought a Kodak & I really hate it. It takes great pics but it doesn't take good close-ups like the ones of my jewelry. I also know that taking pics of resin is a really big pain. Boy if you don't get the light just right, you'll get a glare from h*ll! Maybe I'll just put up a few of the tiles I have decent pics of and see what happens. I have ball chain satin cord; will give the cutomer their choice.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I have finally opened my Artfire shop. Five items were recently added. Please stop by & check them out.
Check back often. I will be adding new items soon!